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Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

220 North Grove Medical Park Dr.
Spartanburg, SC 29303*


Main: (864) 585-5555

Fax: (864) 585-5155

After Hours Emergency Line For Patients Of Record Only: (864) 706-5004


*If using a GPS device for directions to us, please enter 

1330 Boiling Springs Road

Spartanburg, SC - 29303

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

North Grove Dental's state-of-the-art facility is located on the grounds of the beautiful North Grove Medical Park at the intersection of Business I-85 (Exit 6 South) & Highway #9 (Boiling Springs Road) directly behind Milliken Research Corporation and only a few blocks from Spartanburg Medical Center's main downtown campus. Once inside the medical park,we are the first free standing building on the right corner lot.


With convenience to Interstates I-85 and I-26, North Grove Dental's location allows us to serve patients not only from the central Spartanburg area, but also Greenville, southwestern North Carolina, Columbia and nearby cities! 


For directions from your location to us, click here and enter your address.


Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Answers To Your Questions...

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC
What makes 'the North Grove Dental experience' different?

North Grove Dental believes that dentistry should be simple, affordable and absolute quality for every patient. Our foremost focus is on our patient's needs and healthcare - not business.  When we opened North Grove Dental in 2008 after serving Spartanburg on the east side for 12 years, we decided that we wanted service and quality of treatment - rather than quantity of patients - to be our top priorities. We wanted to establish one-on-one relationships with our patients to let them know that they matter to us. We are constantly striving to place ourselves in the shoes of the consumer and to offer what is in the best overall interest of our patients alone. As we've stated, North Grove Dental was built on the standards of excellence in service, overall integrity and perfection in treatment. Our unique team was carefully selected based on their commitments to the patients that they serve as clinicians. We think that you'll agree after your first visit in our comfortable, welcoming atmosphere with our friendly team that North Grove Dental wants to be your dental provider!


Call North Grove Dental, your Spartanburg, SC dental office, today to speak with a friendly member of our caring team about scheduling your first appointment! (864) 585-5555


Your Spartanburg Dentist office!

What can I expect at my first visit? 

Upon making your appointment with us, we'll call you once the week before your appointment to confirm and once the business day before as a friendly reminder. In the meantime, we will verify your benefits to make sure your visit will be covered if we're filing insurance on your behalf. You can also fill out the new patient forms located here to save time at your first visit. If you're unable to print these, kindly arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment.


For new patients whom we've never seen before, we prefer to start with a new patient exam or a cleaning/exam, especially for those who've not been to the dentist in a while. At that appointment, x-rays will be taken in order for the doctor to provide the most comprehensive evaluation possible to detect underlying issues not able to be seen with the human eye and your teeth will be cleaned if you've elected to do so. Such an evalution will help best determine your needed treatment. We require an exam and/or cleaning prior to any basic or major treatment.


We're looking forward to meeting you! If you haven't yet made your appointment with Spartanburg Dentist Dr. Mark Beard and North Grove Dental, call today! (864) 585-5555.




Should I bring my most recent x-rays?


Radiographs are needed by the doctor and clinical team to properly determine treatment for any underlying decay or issues that may not be visable to the human eye. In addition, many insurance companies are now requiring x-rays as proof of needed diagnosed treatment before they consider approval for payment. Because we always place our patients oral health as our foremost priority, x-rays are conservatively taken and only when needed. We are a digital x-ray office, meaning the radiation level is 90% less than traditional x-rays. 


If you had x-rays taken at another office 6-12 months prior to your appointment with us, we ask that you obtain them. Please note that our office does not call other offices for your records and existing x-rays, because they often require you, the patient, to verify the request. If you do not bring your x-ray films with you or do not have them transferred you may have an additional cost due to your insurances inablitly to pay.   


Your x-rays are your legal property to obtain, though it is the right of your former office to charge a nominal transfer fee if they elect to do so. You may pick these up to bring with you or they may be emailed to us. 


Call North Grove Dental, your Spartanburg, SC Dental office, today at (864) 585-5555.


At what age do you begin seeing children?

Proper dental care for a lifetime begins with positively introducing your child to the dentist at an early age. It is the parent's responsibility to make this a routine priority that will carry over into adulthood.

As a more adult centered practice, we welcome children ages 11 and up for their first visit with one of our hygienists and the doctor. However, children who are younger or who may be impatient/may tend to be less behaviorally compliant should be seen by a pediatric dental office. We define a minor as anyone between the ages of 3 and 10. A minor must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to their appointment. 


Call today to make your appointment and first steps towards a healthier smile for a lifetime with your Spartanburg, SC Dentist Dr. Mark Beard and the North Grove Dental team at (864) 585-5555!

Payments, Insurance, Financing & Patients Without Insurance

Understanding the current economy and situations of unemployment, we try to make every effort to accomodate patients financially, whether they have insurance or not. Please let us know how we can accomodate you and we will try our best to do so.


To inquire about how we file your insurance, please visit our page "Our Services".


Payment for your out-of-pocket portion after insurance is due on the day of treatment.  


We welcome cash, personal checks via TeleCheck, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Though we do make financing exceptions for prosthetic cases involving crowns, bridges, partials and dentures, we otherwise only finance for treatment amounting to $300+ with the highly reputatble Care Credit Healthcare Financing through GE Money. for more information or for pre-approval, please visit their site at 


For more information call us today at (864) 585-5555. We will be happy to assist you! Spartanburg, SC Dentist Dr. Mark Beard and team welcome you!



Hours & Fridays By Appointment

We are open Monday through Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm and select Fridays by appointment only.

Our first appointment is at 8:00am and our last is at 4:00pm.


We are closed daily for lunch from 11:30am - 12:30pm.


Call to schedule your appointment today with Spartanburg Dentist Dr. Mark Beard and his caring team! We're looking forward to meeting you! (864) 585-5555



After Hours Emergency Line

Patients of record with a valid after hours/weekend dental emergencies may reach us Friday-Sunday between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm at (864) 585-5555. Calls after that time should visit your local hospital emergency room if necessary. Calls will only be returned to patients of record. We regret that we cannot assist emergency callers who have not yet been seen in our office or who do not have a medical history form on file with us. Please note that it is against our policy to prescribe pain medication to patients who have not been seen in our office within the last year. A member of our team will return your call promptly. In the meantime, please have the phone number of your pharmacy of choice available so that we may better assist you. Thank you!



The age old question: "Why do dentists only work four days a week?"

"Must be nice to have a long weekend."


"The doctor must have a golf game."


"Ah...the convenience of being self employed."


We often hear such humorous comments when patients ask about this seemingly recreational schedule. But the truth is that quality of treatment is more important to us at North Grove Dental than quantity of patients - and there's no room for exhaustion in dentistry when you strive to give 1000% to each and every patient in treatment.


Our office manager offers this: "When I started working in dentistry, ...I met with my team and told them 'the rest of the general public works five days per week. We're going to as well.' So we tried it and it was horrible - not in the best interests of our team or, most importantly, our patients.To sum up dentistry in a nutshell, imagine threading a needle several thousand times an hour with your eyes straining and your body hunched over in an unnatural position (and the possibility of carpal tunnel in your hands beginning at any age), knowing that every move you make has to be one of exact precision for treatment on the human body to go as planned - not to mention keeping the patient comfortable. Now add that you have five to seven different patients in seven different rooms in a one to two hour time span and they all have different personalities/perceptions of having dental work completed and you must cater to each of their personalities and emotions. Don't forget: you have to stay on schedule regardless of the hurdles you experience in treatment because every human body/mouth is different...and there's that patient in the waiting room who is tapping their foot impatiently because they don't understand that treatment with the patient scheduled before them went over due to unforeseen circumstances that would never allow you to say 'sorry, we're not finished but my next patient is waiting.' By the end of the day (which is usually 5:45 or 6:00 despite the fact that you close at 5pm), although you feel completely rewarded for saving someones smile, love the patients that you serve and love your job, dentists and their clinical teams are emotionally and physically drained. So, to offer our physical, mental and emotional best to each of our patients, most dental offices take extended weekend time to rejuvenate and better service their patients."


Understanding that many patients need Friday appointments, we continue to be of service on select Fridays by appointment.


Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to provide you, our patients, only our very best! Call us, your Spartanburg Dentist, at (864) 585-5555 to schedule an appointment!





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