We're eager to be of service again after being closed with other Spartanburg dental offices for nearly six weeks in an effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19. This has been an unprecedented experience, but our devotion to being of service in an even safer environment is greater than ever!

We reopened on Tuesday, May 12th and are thrilled with the overwhelming response from patients to reschedule as soon as possible! We appreciate your trust and loyalty!

The following information will hopefully answer your questions about rescheduling appointments missed from March 23rd-May 11th. We have confidently implemented newly recommended safety protocols, which will enhance our established measures of excellence in providing a safe patient environment. 

Please know that we will make every effort to accommodate patients

who were scheduled while we were closed March 23rd-May 11th in light of flattening the curve of COVID-19. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated as our standards of patient service and accommodation may be challenged due to this unprecedented circumstance. Reschedule opportunities may be limited, so please make every effort to attend an appointment that is offered. 

Doctor's chair treatment (crowns, bridges, fillings, etc): We've reached out to patients VIA text message or phone call to reschedule the appointments that were scheduled during our closure of March 23rd-May 11th. Please call us at your convenience. 

Hygiene/Cleaning appointments: Those who missed appointments during our closure will be accommodated in the order of which those appointments were originally scheduled. We've opened up additional days on our schedule to accommodate these patients and will make every effort to see you by the end of this year. 


If you have a need that requires us to see you sooner than later, please contact us! 

While a dental office is certainly one of the most sterile and healthy environments one can visit due to standard safety regulations that we already implement daily, we've raised the bar even higher by implementing new measures to keep our patients and team safe in light of COVID-19 as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) and Center For Disease Control (CDC). We feel very confident in these upgrades and want to share them with you to reassure your safety:

We're screening every patient when we text or call them for upcoming appointments.


Please read the following:

We will need to reschedule you for a later date if you've traveled abroad over the last 14 days, have knowingly been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19, used public transit over the last 14 days and/or present a combination of the following symptoms:

Fever of 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit with flu like symptoms over the last 14-21 days, shortness of breath, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, diminished taste/smell. In addition, please consult with your physician if you have a compromised immune system or if you feel your age may be a factor.

Once you arrive, we'll ask you the same screening questions before we begin treatment. You're welcome to wear your own mask in our facility, but we will ask you to remove your gloves or use hand sanitizer on them as they've been exposed to elements outside of our facility.

As a part of our new "healthy touch" protocol of keeping surfaces germ free, multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout are available. We'll ask that they're used, especially when you enter and leave our facility. 

Social distancing between patients will be observed in every way possible. Concerned patients who opt not to be seated in our reception area may be called from their car for treatment if they choose upon arrival.

In addition to our standard daily excellence in maintaining a sterile environment for every patient, we will include new guidelines as recommended by the CDC and ADA, including: taking electronic temperatures, offering antiseptic rinses, wearing additional barriers, using high speed suction for the further reduction of aerosols, and additional updated protocols to offer patients the safest experience while in our care!  

As noted by the ADA, we cannot allow the neglect of oral hygiene and dental treatment to become a greater problem than the problems our nation is currently facing with COVID-19. It is a new era for healthcare and for dentistry.


The trust of our patients has always been important to us and patient care has always been #1. Thank you for your continued trust as we always strive to provide the safest experience for you! 

We appreciate you! See you soon!