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What our patients are saying...

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

In a day and time where compliments can go unvoiced and opinions can be one-sided, we'd like to thank the following patients for sharing their positive experiences at North Grove Dental with you. We are honored and humbled by their kind words, their trust and their recognition of the standards of excellence, integrity and perfection that we strive for daily. We are honored that they call us their Spartanburg Dentist!


Newberry, SC - patient since 2010


If you cannot find satisfaction here, then do trust me - you will not find it anywhere. This lovely group of people aim to please every patient. I consider myself to have very high standards having worked with the public for many years. They're caring, knowledgable, personal, professional...I could go on. Thank you, Dr. Beard for making it worth the drive by giving back to your patients what every patient is worthy of.

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Spartanburg, SC - patient since 2009


From the time I arrive in the parking lot of a well-manicured lawn to checking out after my “prompt” appointment; I continue experiencing sheer EXCELLENCE with every visit!!! Dr. Mark Beard has created a relaxing atmosphere. He has also employed an amazing team of professionally dressed dental professionals whom make me feel as if I'm the only patient. The entire team possesses a great attention to detail (they are perfectionists), caring, and extremely supportive. It's like having an extended family!! Thanks Dr. Beard and Team!

Your Spartanburg, SC Dental office!


Greenville, SC - patient since 2010


LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Beard and this amazing group of people. I was lucky enough to find them through friends who are also patients after not finding an office that we really felt comfortable with for quite a long time. It is just absolutely evident that he is a perfectionist and is into dentistry. He won my trust at my first appointment for myself and my family members. Their facility is gorgeous but his positive family of employees there make it a very special place. Can you believe I don't mind my six month visits now? If you hate the dentist, then you're going to the wrong place! Try North Grove Dental and you'll understand why!

Kevin & Dona

Forest City, NC - patients since 2009


When I first became a patient, I was was petrified of anything dental related from past experiences at other offices. I even needed sedation at my first treatment appointment! After that first appointment, I realized I no longer needed sedation because I was completely at ease thanks to the North Grove Dental team. Their calm demeanors, caring hands and comforting words of assurance made me a more relaxed patient. Neither of us have ever been patients of a dental office with such a friendly, professional and relaxing atmosphere as North Grove Dental!

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Boiling Springs, SC - patient since 2011


There is no other dental office that my wife, children and I would even consider. Their honesty is refreshing and their service is outstanding. When our family moved to the area, we dreaded finding another dentist given how pleased we were with our dentist back home. Finding North Grove Dental was a sheer luck. After completing my long overdue work, I happened to be visiting family in Georgia and had to visit my former dentist for a toothache while there. He told me that he was glad to see that I had finally completed my dental treatment with a doctor whose quality of work appeared to be as impressive as Dr. Beard's. That, to me, spoke volumes about Dr. Beard and North Grove Dental. I cannot thank you all enough for making dental visits so pleasurable for our family.

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Gaffney, SC - patient since 2009


I'm so glad that I happened upon North Grove Dental because they have far exceeded my expectations. Over the last 40 years I have seen my share of dental offices as a former dental assistant, but never have I experienced an office so caring, professional and diligent in all that they do. With your best interest at heart, they're honest and informative about which treatment will benefit you most! A dignitary could not have been given better treatment!


Spartanburg, SC - patient since 1998


I've been a patient of Dr. Beard's for over 15 years, starting with him on the Eastside of Spartanburg and continuing with him at the new office at North Grove Dental. He has always been attentive, caring and concerned for the patient's needs. There is no other office who could garner my trust the way that he has. My elderly father, who was very difficult to please, was very impressed with Dr. Beard when I recommended him to be a patient. Dr. Beard always shows such compassion for the elderly especially and that means alot. You will not find a group of professionals more wonderful than those that back him here. They certainly live up to the standards that he expects of them and of himself. I highly recommend North Grove Dental for all of your dental needs. Do not hesitate in making an appointment. 


Spartanburg, SC - patient since 2009


Dr. Beard is wonderful. Not only does he do great work (and believe me I have had plenty of work done) he is patient and kind. My wife and I have been loyal customers for over 5 years and I ve never been disappointed. Dr. Beard takes great care in his technical dental work, but also takes great care in his patients. The office experience is also fabulous. You get MORE than what you pay for at this office. If you are ashamed of your dental history, afraid of the dentist, or just want excellent service, this is the place for you. Great job Dr. Beard and North Grove Dental!!

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Moore, SC - patient since 2008


I love North Grove Dental!! When I became a patient, I was impressed with the attractiveness of the office itself. However, that is just the beginning! The staff is just as wonderful - kind and extremely professional! My kids don't ever mind going in for a cleaning and that says A LOT! The latest procedure for me was a crown and I was so afraid, but Dr. Beard understood and his whole team made me feel at ease. I never hesitate to recommend them to friends!


Spartanburg, SC - patient since 2011


Not that I love having dental work, but this office has been a wonderful experience for my family! I'm originally from New York and I've been to numerous dental offices over the years. The people at North Grove Dental are so warm and this office, by far, has moved me because for once I feel really comfortable and at ease. The doctor, the staff and the overall experience are just so 'out of this world' that I never want to go anywhere else.

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Greer, SC - patient since 2009


My friends think that I am crazy because I actually look forward to going to the dentist since becoming a patient at North Grove Dental with Dr. Beard. What is not to like? They make it easy in every way possible - and they care about their patients. Its dentistry simplified: they give you the facts, they educate you on why dental treatment is necessary and they take their time with you. It is no secret that they love their jobs and their patients. The quality of care cannot be surpassed. I feel fortunate to be here as a patient and to be in such good hands.



Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Spartanburg, SC - patient since 2009


My entire experience at North Grove Dental as a patient has been a very positive one. I love the team - they are so caring and helpful in every way. Having completed a cosmetic smile make-over, I am pleased beyond words with my new smile! Thanks to Dr. Beard and the North Grove Dental team!


Spartanburg, SC - patient since 2013


When was the last time you left a dental office with a big SMILE on your face? North Grove Dental makes ME smile! You guys are just awesome and I appreciate you.


Spartanburg, SC - patient since 2012


I used to dread dental visits but now I actually look forward to going. Since I’ve been coming to North Grove Dental it has been a pleasure. Everyone at this office is so polite and nice - I even look forward to the procedures believe it or not. I've never experienced any unpleasantness because Dr. Beard and the people here are so caring. I appreciate them so much. They're just wonderful.

Spartanburg SC Dentist, Boiling Springs SC Dentist, Mark Beard Dentist, North Grove Dental Spartanburg SC

Rutherfordton, NC - patient since 2013


North Grove Dental with Dr. Mark Beard and his Amazing staff, is the finest dental office I've ever been to! They are state of the art in every respect, and well worth the drive from North Carolina. After living in Atlanta for 40+years, I feel very good about finding North Grove Dental in Spartanburg SC. Excellent!

...and now we invite you to experience the North Grove Dental difference!

Spartanburg Dentist Dr. Mark Beard and his team welcome you!

Call today to make your appointment: (864) 585-5555

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